Keys to Glory - a touch-typing story


A person working in any field should always strive for a way to improve his or her productivity. The ability to recognise ones hinderances and weak points is the key to personal and professional development. In my personal experience I have found the slow typing speed to be a major obstacle on the path to greater productivity. During the countless hours that I have spent staring at the monitor I never found the time and energy to properly learn how to type without looking at the keyboard. Recently I have found that after working for a few years in the field my posture has deteriorated severely. Among many actions to amend this terrible state of affairs I have decided to learn touch typing to avoid bending my head to glance at the keyboard every now and then. I devoted a specified amount of time each week for the typing exercises and started looking for a software that would assist with the endavour. From a bunch of candidates one emerged victorious.

As a professional developing web applications I experience little hesitation to recommend a software product that is really well done. Such is the case with the excellent web app called keybr which is an ingenious touch typing teaching platform with a ton of cool features.

The program is available for free online to anybody interested which is an obvious bonus. The learning is executed on a machine generated examples, this means that each excrept of the text the user will type during the process is specifically designed for him and not some standard text, that he may find too easy or too difficult.

The learing rate of each individual is different and the program will adjust the learning pace to each user. The whole process is heavily data driven and what is more the learner has constant insight into the data the system collects about him. This allows you to stay motivated and see which fingers on the keyboard may be misaligned.

The effects and my personal stats can be found below:


I have been using the software for almost a month and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. Link to the app can be found here:


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